Tuesday, March 24, 2009


A New meme is out in the wild: Fully Equipped Geology Student by Geotripper, The Lost Geologist fully equipped for fieldwork. My contribution is intended to be a semi-serious mix :)

Nah, the little that is still left is usually cut quite short. Usually under a hat of some sort when out in the mountains.
Sunburned Peeling Nose: Nope, never. I'm quite picky when it comes to sun protection.
Beard: Usually cleanly shaved. Usually.
T-shirt and Logo: Usually neutral. When out in the field I usually wear shirts - they dry much faster.
Belt and Buckle: Leather Belt, carries rock hammer and brunton.
Pockets: cell phone and car keys. So if I happen to loose my backpack I am not completely lost.
Rock Hammer: on my belt. For opening beer bootles and collecting samples, having a closer look - a rock hammer has many uses. But sometimes you have to drag around heavier hammers for metamorphic rocks... ugh.
Legs: muskular? well, sort of. Tanned? Seldom.
Brunton: of course.
Eyes: Behind sunglasses.
Photo Gear: Currently a Nikon D90 with 18-105. Nature is beautiful!
GPS Reciever: Handy. But map reading (or guessing - some maps are so... open to interpretation) is still essential.
Shoes: Sturdy ones. With good soles. Essiantial.
Various Other Stuff: knife, sample bags, chisel, fieldbook, maps, something to eat and drink, some toilet paper.

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